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Boom box

by David Krough


Posted on October 23, 2008 at 2:41 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:36 PM

One's head can swim looking at all the bands in the slew of venues in Portland. The stories of all the more that have come, gone and changed face are endless. LaLuna, EJs, Rock Candy, X-Ray, Starry Night, 1201, Sabala's, Good time Gil's Grand Olde Buglery Corps... just a few that were before Portland's now-moniker as indie mecca.

Well an ambitious new project by some local architects is slated for the SE industrial waterfront. not just carving out a loft or basement space, but designing a modern custom live music theater from the ground up.


It's called "300b" and the creators said it will be a 2,000 seat venue. That's big. In the warehouse SE neighborhood, the upper floor looks like it has a cool view of the downtown skyline.

It's also got a "series of warped floors and ramps with expansive pockets that form a sequence of vertical gathering spaces."

Check out more pics and layout here

But beware. The age old questions of sustainable rock clubs remain. Where will you park? Will it draw crowds every night or just for select big shows? Will it be expensive for a fan? Which other mid size venues in town will it draw bands away from?

The Oregonian says there's no permits yet from the city, but designers think it could be under way by 2010.