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Ducks, Tigers rallies a stark contrast

Ducks, Tigers rallies a stark contrast

by Frank Mungeam

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Posted on January 10, 2011 at 11:22 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 30 at 4:21 PM

SCOTTSDALE, Az. -- Sunday afternoon, the two schools vying for the title of national champion of college football each staged their official team rallies. More than 10,000 fans from each school crowded the Bud Light Fiesta for one-hour rallies the day before the big game, but the two events could not have been more different.

Auburn's rally was steeped in tradition. The school band played familiar songs. Fans sang along. Respected Alumni stood on stage and spoke to the enthusiastic crowd. However, famous alumni Charles Barkley and Bo Jackson, both rumored to be attending, were nowhere to be found. The event wrapped up with the releasing of balloons. The tone was very traditional - probably exactly the same as rallies the school might have held 20 or 30 years ago.

Then there was the Oregon rally. Combine Oregon's Chip Kelly Speed with Nike's Hollywood edge and style, and you had a fast-paced hour jammed with multiple musical performers and celebrity appearances.

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Musical acts included Sebastian Bach, reprising the viral sensation Duck 'Power Ballad' he performed on the Jimmy Fallon show. VIDEO: Duck Power Ballad

Supwitchugirl rocked the crowd with their "Return of the Quack." VIDEO: Return of the Quack

Musical performers included the University of Oregon's a capella group "On the Rocks", fresh from a top-five finish on NBC's reality show "Sing Off." VIDEO: Sing Off

Big names also appeared on the big stage. Golfing great and long-time Duck Peter Jacobsen was one of the event emcees. Oregon receiving great Ahmad Rashad appeared, saying "I am so proud to be a Duck," and calling the BCS game "a defining moment" for Oregon. Popular quarterback Joey Harrington drew big cheers when he said he'd trade all his NFL games for the chance to play one more game for the Ducks

Coach Chip Kelly appeared, and in classic Oregon speedy performance, told three jokes and was off to a team meeting. "Do you believe in karma?" He asked the crowd. "Because we are playing in the Tostitos bowl...and you've got a head coach named Chip!"

He exited, promising: "We will make you proud," then added "and don't ask me for a refund!"

Instead of inflated balloons, the Ducks rally was capped off with a dazzling fireworks display, and a bit of Nike wizardry: A special laser machine brought in just for the rally projected crisp images of the UO logo and "Just Do It" across the darkened face of nearby Camelback Mountain.

The rally worthy of a rock show wrapped up as only an Oregon rally could, with a live appearance by Otis Day & the Nights, including a performance of "Shout", the song made so famous in the movie "Animal House", filmed on the U.O. campus.