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Internet Connectivity at the Olympics

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on August 3, 2008 at 2:44 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:36 PM

Well-- this is why we come early. We're having major internet connectivity issues. In fact, I'm typing this as a Word document in the hopes I can just upload it when it's time.

The following things have happened to me in my first two days here:

a) I had my arm rolled up in a taxi cab window as I passed my hotel card info through the passenger window to the driver to see if he'd take us (some won't). He couldn't understand why I wouldn't get inside the taxi until finally this nice young guy hollered at him. We all had a laugh.. I have a huge bruise on my arm.

b) I ordered this mystery soup ((chilled, with watermelon and some kind of meat, noodles and cucumber)) from a food court and asked for it to go. It took some pantomiming but they finally understood. They dumped it into a big plastic bag.


c) I got scanned. Many times. My Olympic credential contains an RFID chip.

d) I marveled at Tiananmen Square.

e) I bought strange and tasty food items from the nearby grocery store while getting pushed, shoved, and basically treated like a human pinball. Note to self: Keep smiling.. I just can't get into the shoving spirit.

f) I sweated through my clothes. Instantly.

g) I shot some AWESOME stuff.

Well, I didn't shoot it. Ken M. did. He's the phojo I'm working with and he rocks. Look for our stories during the Olympics.. the slice of life stuff we're shooting right now in the days leading up to the games should run at 5 and 6pm during the week, and 5pm during the weekends.

Okay, now off to shoot some more.