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Busy Day At The Office... I mean Olympics.

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on August 5, 2008 at 4:50 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:36 PM

We're shooting stories right and left and gearing up to hopefully catch up with as many local athletes as we can. In the meantime.. a few observations about Beijing.

1) Not a lot of folks talk on thier cell phones here. They have them, but the Chinese people don't really yak away while they're shopping or walking like we do in the states.

2) Bicycle helmet makers, listen up! You've got a SERIOUSLY untapped market here. If I would have known I would have tried to get some with a KGW logo on them and passed them out.

3) The people here are so friendly. So nice, even though almost no one speaks any English. It's been fun to try and communicate.

4) Everyone here has a job. And they take a lot of pride in it. There is a gal who stands in the bathroom and does nothing but clean it. All day. It's spotless. Except they offer Kleenex to dry your hands.

5) The driving terrifies me. People here drive like mad. More than mad. They shove and holler and wave and honk and honk and hoooooonk some more just in case you missed the first few ones. It takes at least two people to drive a city bus.. one behind the wheel and one who (quite seriously) hangs out the window and waves and points and yells at the 17 million other drivers that are about to get crunched. It's amazing I've only seen two accidents so far.

6) They clean your hotel room in shifts.. someone drops off the two free bottles of water and then a few hours later someone makes the bed. Someone else wipes things down and replaces the towels.. you get the idea.

7) Every mystery food I've eaten has been awesome

8) I feel totally safe and am really looking forward to these games.

No pics tonite.. It's late. I'm wiped. And I have a monster day tomorrow. I want each and every one of you who has already emailed me (my parents included) that I have gotten your email, read it, absorbed it, and saved it.. telling myself I'll get to it tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow. :-D