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Fencing Foxes

by Stephanie Stricklen


Posted on August 12, 2008 at 9:53 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:36 PM

Today I almost got electrocuted.

There is something wrong with the setup on the roof of our workspace. At first I thought maybe the metal clasp on the IFB box was cutting into my skin. But when I grabbed the mic I started to get the same tingly, stabby prickles on my hand-- at which point I just dropped everything on the ground and sat there and whined about it for 30 minutes.

We think we have it under control, but I still refuse to physically clip the IFB on me-- assuming somehow that's completing the circuit. It now sits on a chair behind me when I'm doing my live shots.

I can't believe I'm not sore from hiking the Montianyu portion of the Great Wall with Becca and Sada (fencer ladies!). Note to self: NEVER EVER do something remotely physical.. like, oh, say.. hiking 1,000 steep steps with medal-winning athletes.

I saw Billy Bush last night who told me he did a story on them.


He called it the "Foxes Of Fencing" story. Really?! Foxes of Fencing? It's actually pretty funny. In addition to their talent and dedication-- they are all, frankly, gorgeous women. So, Billy Bush.. if that's what you want to call them...

Here's a slideshow of pics I took of our fencing gals. In the audience is another Oregon/SW Washington fencer Seth Kelsey. And in that pic that is hard to see... former President George Bush-- who handed Sada his hankerchief because she was crying.

The whole fencing competition was totally emotional. We're posting comments now, so keep 'em coming!! And I have a new photo slideshow coming soon!!