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RedRockin' It

by Matt Zaffino

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Posted on May 17, 2011 at 10:51 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 29 at 8:27 PM

One of the great things about southern Utah is the weather. Yeah I know, I'm a weather geek, of course I'd say that. But bear with me for a bit. I mean that in a couple different senses. First, it doesn't rain much. Just about everyone in  Northwest can all appreciate that! But the thing that's lost on a lot of folks is that when it gets hot, and yes, it gets hot in Redrock country in summer, it's pretty easy to escape the heat by going up. And you don't have to go far to find enough elevation that brings relief from the heat. 

I made the picture below at an elevation of about 6,000 feet, from Dead Horse Point State Park. The Colorado River bends through canyonlands 2,000 feet below. It can easily be 10 to 15-degrees cooler up in the park. Also, since pets are not allowed in National Parks, this is a good place  to hit some pet-friendly trails.

If you're up at Dead Horse, its super easy to take a jaunt into Canyonlands National Park. Here I made this picture of two German ( I heard them talking) women reveling in Redrock scenery. is also called slick-rock

 Back at Dead Horse Point, there's some classic western history still marking the landscape. The story is that back in the olden days, cowboys built a fence, the remains of which are pictured below, across the narrow (~100 yards) neck of the point and used the area beyond as a natural corral for wild horses. That's just part of the story, however.

 It's not always hot in the desert, however. When I made this picture at Window Arch in Arches National Park, a couple children in brightly colored jackets added to the color.

In a previous post I wrote about canyoneering and rappelling off of Morning Glory Arch .

But check out this video that didn't make the previous post, shot by our guide Matt as he and Robyn "simul-rappelled" off of Morning Glory Arch. It offers a great perspective on what this is like from top to bottom. Matt had a Go-Pro camera strapped onto his helmet. It's mainly unedited, but I think in the case that's ok!

Happy Trails,
Matt Zaffino