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Too Long In The Wasteland

by Matt Zaffino

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Posted on October 30, 2008 at 10:55 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:36 PM

The wasteland where life happens and we have to work and take care of the mundane and annoying aspects of living that take up the time between trips and adventures. Since my last post on August 23 (I'm lame, I know), I've gotten out a bit and I'll throw a few pics on the end of this blog. But even when we're in the wasteland, there are things we can check out in town that keep the embers of adventure glowing brightly in our souls, or bellies, wherever it happens to live in you. Here some links to a few of those. I plan on updating this blog FAR more frequently to give folks a heads up on events that can keep the wasteland from feeling so... wasteful.

Check out the program of the Mt St Helens Institute. Wow!

Three of the speakers pop right out to me: William Sullivan, Klindt Vielbig and Darryll Loyd all have presentations coming up. I've dug into Sullivan's books many a time while planning trips. His current book on natural disasters of the Northwest sounds very cool. It's on my schedule. If you're a back-country skier in the Northwest you've probably looked at Vielbig's books. Also a must-see event. And Darryl Lloyd is one of the best landscape photographers in the Northwest, and a walking encyclopedia of our nearest volcanoes.

If you're looking for more immediate inspiration, like this Saturday night as you nurse your Halloween candy sugar hangover and stare out at the rain, check out this program put on by REI:

That ought to get the juices flowing again.

OK, Like I said I've been out a bit lately on little adventures. Did a great bike ride yesterday, the fall colors are the best they've been in years. If you saddle up though, remember the full-fingered cycling gloves and maybe the booties. It's staying cool out now!

Pics below from a recent trip to central Oregon. Totally got rained out of the high country, so Xena and I opted for the Deschutes River Trail outside of Bend. It was a great bad weather option, and the clouds even parted long enough for a rainbow to rise like a trout on the river. I'm saving the bigger pics for the 2010 Weather Calendar! But the 2009 NW Weather Calendar is available now at Pro Photo Supply, Joes' Sports And More and Alberstons. Click here for more info on the calendar, and I'll post future blogs on that soon!



Happy Trails,

Matt Zaffino