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I haven't made a NEW Blog Entry in 6 weeks BLOG

by Drew Carney


Posted on April 27, 2007 at 11:50 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:35 PM

I haven't added anything to this blog in over 6 weeks.
Fortunately, some die-hards have continued to add their comments, so the overall content has at least been updated a bit.

I could blog about many a topic on this particular Friday like :

1) I'm going to be a dad this fall... to TWINS!!! I mentioned this already on the air.
I think I need to devote more time though to my thoughts on this. How's this for now... I'm VERY excited!!
Pregnancy Massage.jpg
*not my wife's stomach, but you get the point.

2) At the request of our internet site manager, Mr. Frank, I now have a MySpace page.
It's currently pretty weak as far as MySpace pages go. Friends other than Mr. Frank, MySpace founder Tom, and a local actress named Audrey (who I've never met) might help.

3) Recent viewer comments on the Blog.

Let's go with #3, and get back to the others later.

Here's a look at the most recently posted comment on the blog along with my response to this particular viewer (Michael).
By the way, I personally respond to almost EVERYONE who contributes to this blog.

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Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2007 5:28 PM
To: dcarney@kgw.com
Subject: [KGW Drew Carney Blog] New Comment Posted to 'Mean-spirited
(and yet entertaining) Blog'

Name: Michael
Email Address:

I enjoy watching you but there are some things that really bug me. You are always saying "i don't have much time" which wastes time. And not to mention, we don't really care. Just wrap it up smoothly.

You really don't get much time....you start explaining something and you have to wrap it up. It would be nice to have longer segments. They don't need to keeps replaying the same stories over....

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Hey Michael,
Thanks for the suggestion. You know my wife basically made the same comment to me the other night in regards to mentioning on the air about not having much time or how the producer is telling me to wrap... so I know you're not alone in that thought.
My thinking there was that I was just being upfront with the audience... kind of bringing you "behind-the-scenes" so to speak... like, "Hey, this is live, this is real, and as much as I'd like to spend more time on this topic or with this particular guest, the bottom line is there's someone in my ear telling me to shut the heck up."
I'll definitely try be more conscious not to "overuse" this tactic.

Thanks again for watching,

P.S. Do I dare ask what other things "really bug you"? You mentioned things with an "S" at the end. Keep in mind, I'm having a pretty good Friday, so my good mood is at stake here.