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Area's Most Romantic Restaurant Blog

by Drew Carney


Posted on February 5, 2008 at 3:37 AM

Updated Wednesday, Jan 27 at 7:17 AM


For whatever the reason, I'm not as passionate about romantic dining spots, as I am pizza places and breakfast joints... and yet somehow I still convinced my wife that I was a good catch.

I can tell you though, the most romantic dinner experience my wife and I have ever had took place at Fratelli, located in Portland's Pearl District on NW Hoyt between 12th & 13th (1230 NW Hoyt).

Now, part of that may have been where we were in our relationship at the time. It was our first Valentine's Day together... still more than a year away from our wedding... a good 2-1/2 years before the arrival of our twin boys.

Then again, the atmosphere at Fratelli certainly added to the evening. Warm, cozy, candle lit... all the elements you think of when you're picturing a romantic dinner. Plus, the food was great. We had heard before we went that their Italian menu selections were on the money, and we definitely weren't disappointed.

But enough about me... let's hear from you!!! What is your pick for the area's most romantic restaurant? And by "area", I'm not just talking about the city of Portland itself. Again, I'm talking about our entire viewing area... Vancouver, Salem, the Coast, Eastern Oregon, Bend, Washington County, Yamill County, Clackamas, Sherwood, St. Helens... wherever your favorite romantic restaurant is, I want to hear about it.

So please click on the comments link below, and post your nomination for "Area's Most Romantic Restaurant" now!!!!!