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Greg Oden's blog a charming read

by Frank Mungeam

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Posted on June 27, 2007 at 7:49 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:35 PM

Anyone interested in getting a sense of Greg Oden, the person, will enjoy Oden's personal blog.

In his blog, Oden shares his journey to draft day, beginning with the lottery-day shocker that Portland and Seattle defied the odds to snare the first two picks.

"It was a total shock to me, not to be funny," writes Oden recounting the news, "but I forgot those two teams were even in the lottery."

Oden also describes the thrill of signing his deal with Nike, including a shopping spree at Nike Town that was a big hit with his mom. "I had to drag her out of the store," says Oden. The young star was clearly wowed by the pantheon of Nike athletes that has preceded him, and talks about dreaming of winning championships one day and earning the chance to have a Tiger- or Lance-type Nike ad...about him.

Oden also writes about his impressions of the City of Portland , including this great quip about our notorious weather: "It is very beautiful especially when the sun is out, I heard it rains just a little bit there, lol." (That's "Laugh Out Loud" for those of us over over 19 years of age.)

Which is another point that comes through in Oden's blog entries. He is such a towering physical presence that it's easy to forget the young man isn't even twenty years old yet.

In a telling anecdote, he describes a special TV taping in which he got to meet and quiz legendary Big Men Bill Russell, Bill Walton, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Bob Lanier. Oden was clearly moved by the experience, and especially words of wisdom from Russell. "He gave me so much knowledge," says Oden. "All of those guys are really great teachers and I learned so much."

Oden also adds: "I heard some Bill Russell stories that made me go dang, I didn't know you did all that."

From the youthful excitement over free Nike schwag and meeting STEVE NASH to the caring comments of a son about his mother, the picture of Greg Oden on display in his blog is of a young, dedicated gentleman that Portland would be fortunate to have as a resident, with or without his immense basketball talents.

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