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We Need a Hero

by Laural Porter

Posted on January 5, 2007 at 7:25 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

Becky,the barista at Starbucks handed me my usual mocha and said,
"You know that story you all did on the guy who saved the student on the subway in New York-- that story made me cry."

She told me she lived in New York, and you don't hear about those types of heroic acts very often there.

You've probably heard about the story by now.
The hero, "Wesley Autrey" saved a 20 year old college student who had a seizure and fell off the subway platform.

Autrey dove off after him.
As the subway sped towards them, he covered the man's body with his.
The train passed just inches above Autrey's head actually leaving grease marks on his jacket.

Since word of Autrey's heroism got out, Donald Trump has given him 10-thousand dollars, Disney World is flying him and his two daughters to Orlando for a vacation, and he's been on the David Letterman show.

Then today... another story of heroism out of none other than...New York City.
Two men saved a three year old boy who was dangling from a fire escape four stories high.
He lost his grip and the men caught him.

There are heroes among us... ordinary people who do extraordinary things.

Sometimes,it's not a SuperHero feat like the one Autrey so bravely performed.
Sometimes, it's simply a volunteer giving blood at the Red Cross.
That small act,however, could also help save a stranger's life.

Indeed the well-publicized story of the New York Subway Superhero is a story that reaffirms, for many of us, the goodness of human kind.

Three cheers for Wesley Autrey, and all those who selflessly give to others.

It was wonderful to be a able to report a story like that, and to the Starbucks barista...
it gave me goosebumps,too!