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Round Two

by Tracy Barry

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Posted on January 12, 2007 at 5:37 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

You might not recognize Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski on this weekend's special Viewpoint. Just kidding of course. But he is definately embracing a different style. Expressing more passion about the issues. More of his personality in general. After a first term when many described him as "invisible" the Governor is promising to take a more public leadership role this time around.

He has alot of things working in his favor. A better economy bringing in more taxes. Democrats control the House and Senate in Salem and he doesn't have to worry about a re-election campaign.

He has plenty of plans for spending that political capital. Education, health care, a rainy day fund for the state. Sound like a good idea? Or would you rather have some of that tax money back to set up your own rainy day fund ?

He also takes a stand on gay rights and civil unions in Oregon, and minces no words about the President's "surge" plan for Iraq. The Viewpoint show airs at 4:30 this Saturday on Newschannel 8 and Sunday at 8:30 on Northwest Cable News.

30 minutes goes by fast. I'm sure there are questions you will wish we had asked and issues that were not addressed ( like Measure 37 ) but we may get another chance before the session is over.

You may not agree with what the Governor has to say and what he wants to do... but you should come away from this program knowing where he stands.

If you miss it... you'll also be able to check it out right here on

Have a great weekend ...we have a Brownie knitting party at our house :)
and as always...thanks for watching.

Tracy Barry