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Now, This is a Snow Day!

by Laural Porter

Posted on January 16, 2007 at 5:38 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

Happy Snow Day!

The screams this morning were of delight.
"Snow Day".
Portland Public Schools called it as my kids watched Newschannel 8 at Sunrise.
It was almost as good as Christmas.

The kids of our Northeast Portland neighborhood delighted with kids all over the metro area in sledding, throwing snowballs, making snow angels,and drinking hot chocolate.
My kids also warmed up syrup to pour on snow for a sweet treat. I warned them, it's not a good idea to eat snow... acid rain and all that.
But, they told me I was ruining their fun. Okay, this once.

For me, it was fun to put on the old standby Sorrel fur-trimmed snowboots.
My husband was a hero, as he chained up the SUV for me to make my way into work.
It's always a fun drive into downtown on a snow day. It seems as though pedestrians,some on cross country skis, take over the roadways.

Once I got here to Newschannel 8, the newsroom was buzzing. We were in full-bore snow coverage.
Kudos to Russ, Brenda and Dave who were on the air from 5am to 1pm. That's eight-hours straight at the newsdesk.
I hope they got bathroom breaks.

I wore my boots around the newsroom, as I prepared stories on the wintry weather across the country.
Misery loves company!

(Nice fashion statement,isn't it? Shown with me is Leilani Welch,our 6:30 p.m producer)

Randy Neves took this picture of me in what some of my colleagues dubbed my "Idaho Anchor Shoes".
I used to work in Idaho Falls and Boise, where it snows a lot!!

Thanks, Randy for the picture. I told him I'd tell you all how great he is to work with.
(He really is!)

My son said, "Mom, now this is more like a Snow Day."

Enjoy the snow days!