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10@10 Behind The Scenes

by Laural Porter

Posted on January 19, 2007 at 6:53 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

Have you found us yet for 10@10 on Portland's C-W?

We have a new look. We bring you the top stories and weather in a fast-paced 10-minutes.
That way you don't have to wait for 30 minutes or more to get the news you want, and your weather forecast.
If you're looking around the dial... You'll find 10@10 on Cable channel 3... and channel 32, if you don't have cable.

I thought you'd like to meet a few of the great people behind the scenes at 10@10.
You know Joe Donlon, Matt Zaffino,and me, but there are lots of wonderfully talented professionals behind the camera who make it all work.
Below, are just a couple of pictures of our producers and directors.

KGW behind the scenes 013.jpg

(Pictured is 10@10 director, Brian Matthews with producer, Scott Collins.)

There's the director, who is calling the shots, pushing all the buttons, so that you see the video and graphics,and camera shots at the right time.
KGW behind the scenes 0121.jpg

(Pictured here Director Carey Higgins and Senior Producer, Aaron Weiss.)

Our producers write most of the newscast, and arrange the order of the stories.
They're constantly gathering fresh news that has happened since our last newscast at 6:30.
They're searching for news you need, and news that's just plain interesting.
Of course, you're familiar with our 10@10 reporters,Scott Burton, Jack Penning, and Keely Chalmers.
We often have other Newschannel 8 reporters also joining us.
For example, our Kyle Iboshi was live in Grants Pass on Thursday night.
He and photographer, Scott Williams, journeyed there to pour through the Kim Family Search report.
It was great to have Kyle on 10@10 last night with a fresh look at what he learned from the report, and what Kati Kim had to say about the ordeal.

We also have an incredible team of photojournalists who shoot the video you see at night.
They are well-known for being some of the best at what they do in the country.
Our dedicated editors put together much of the video you see on the air, and make sure it rolls at the appropriate time during the newscast.

Let's not forget our top-notch staff on the assignment desk.
They make sure we don't miss any big news stories out there.

In future blogs,I'll try to introduce you to more of the people behind the scenes here at Newschannel 8 and on 10@10.

We are truly a team here on Newschannel 8 and we couldn't bring you 10@10 without all our team members.

Please write me and tell me what you'd like to know about 10@10 and our staff.
I'll try to reply here in my blog.

Laural Porter