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by Tracy Barry

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Posted on January 30, 2007 at 3:06 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

Okay... here is a perfect example of how a story can evolve QUICKLY....

I started writing this blog at 3pm... and here's what I had:

A wig turns up on the side of the road near Sweethome and searchers finally have a clue in the case of a missing Beaverton woman. Reporter Jane Smith called in during our editorial meeting at 2:30 to give us an update on the efforts to find 69 year old Beverly Johnson. Family members think the wig is the one Mrs. Johnson was wearing when she went to the library this weekend and didn't come home.

Jane says IF Mrs. Johnson was traveling on Ames Creek Road and just kept going she could end up on any number of smaller logging roads. So searchers are out on the ground and in the air looking for her. She suffers from epileptic seizures that leave her confused.

It is now 3:40... and quess what ? It's NOT THE WIG ! So they are calling off the search in the Sweethome area and are back to square one in the search for
Mrs. Johnson.

And an update. When I wrote about the man who tasered his wife's grandmother... I said his son was 18 months old. As more information came out we learned the child was only 6 months old.

I got many emails from people not just upset about the taser incident, but very concerned about a father spanking a 6 month old baby. We also heard from quite a few people who took the time to call the newsroom.

Here's a small sample from the e-mails: This one from Joan....

"It's really awful that someone would taser another human being, but even more troubling is that this man was hitting a 6mo old baby and I heard no mention of charges or even an investigation into his fitness as a parent. Spanking a child is very different that "spanking" a baby. It is inexcusable, and I believe, criminal. If we are to protect children in our society we must no turn a blind eye to abuse in all it's forms. Spanking, hitting or striking a baby in any way is abuse; not dicipline."

Another from Laura:

"A baby is a baby. That man needs serious parenting help. I think that grandmother was defending something she appeared to be wrong. I don't blame her one bit for staying. "

Clearly the story brought out strong feelings. We did some checking and here is what we know. One of our assignment editors Cheryl Calm checked with the North Bonneville Police chief who said he too is getting many questions about the case. He says it is standard proceedure for him to report to Child Protective Services anytime a child is involved in a case. He confirms he did that. Child Protective Services says they will now evaluate the report to determine if a visit to the home is needed. They won't say if any visit is planned. No court dates set yet in this case. We'll keep you posted.

And as always... thanks for watching. We'll see what else has changed by the time we hit the air at 5.

Tracy Barry