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Sharing the Nightmare

by Laural Porter

Posted on May 21, 2007 at 6:56 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

I have had more response to my blog on Morgellons that any other blog I've written.
You'll find the original blog on this story here.

Blog: Under the Microscope

I'd like to share some of the feedback I've received, and also send out a big "thank you" to "Kathleen", the woman
who shared her story with us on Newschannel 8 earlier this month.
Kathleen described the nightmare of living with the symptoms of Morgellons; the feeling of bugs crawling on or under her skin,
erupting sores, red, black, and blue fibers emerging from her skin.

But the worst part for Kathleen is the skepticism she feels from the medical community about her illness.

The psychiatrist I interviewed in our story described what many in the medical community think is happening to Morgellons sufferers... "delusional parasitosis", a psychiatric disorder where the patient imagines they have parasites.

Many of those responding to my blog were upset with that assessment.
Here are some of their comments.

Cindy C. wrote:
" Many patients HAVE developed psychiatric issues secondary to this illness. Is that any reason to dismiss this blatant physical evidence?"

Dr. Drottar (a Morgellons sufferer in Portland) wrote:
"Morgellons is very real." Good luck to all who are traveling this difficult healing journey."

Rick wrote:
" I have Morgellons and like many others who suffer from this disease, I live in a nightmare. I am disabled now. I only wish this disease was a psychiatric condition."

Others were upset with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
I interviewed spokesman, Dan Rutz for my story.

Elizabeth wrote:
"I am appalled that Mr. Rutz and the CDC are giving the same answers that they have been giving for several years.
To say this is not infectious is extremely irresponsible of him. The fibers are a constant (among sufferers) that even the CDC can't deny.

*Note: Mr. Rutz said there wasn't any indication at this time that the illness is infectious, but the CDC is not ruling anything out until it makes a final report.

Karen wrote:
"I believe it's only a matter of time until the medical community as a whole, and the CDC are forced to acknowledge it as a real epidemic."

and Vickie wrote:
"Don't let this story die without doing something."

To Vickie and all those concerned about Morgellons, we plan to follow this story, and keep digging into what causes Morgellons.
As we learn more, we'll report it on Newschannel 8 and here on

Please keep the comments coming. I appreciate your responses, and I know other readers of this blog do, as well.

I do hope that one day, this is no longer a nightmare for so many.

Laural Porter