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Why I love Harry

by Laural Porter

Posted on July 18, 2007 at 7:02 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

I got an email today from a viewer named Mike.
Here's part of what he said after a story I reported in the 5pm news.

"Laural, your insistence on reporting Harry Potter news ad nauseum is becoming annoying. Give it a rest! Please!
It is a mediocre piece of literature that is cookie-cutter marketing-- nothing more,nothing less. You tend to be way too giddy about
reporting on this subject."

I wrote Mike back, and told him I understand how all the coverage of "Harry Potter" could be annoying to those who haven't read or don't like the books.

Then, I told him why I love "Harry Potter".

My children and I started reading the series seven years ago when we were moving to Florida.
I read the first book out loud, as we traveled across country in our mini-van.
They were six,eight,ten, and twelve years old at the time.

As each subsequent book came out, they waited for me to read it to them aloud.
My oldest daughter couldn't help herself and read ahead, but still sat around with us and enjoyed hearing the chapters again, as we read the book together as a family.

Now, as we anticipate the seventh book coming out midnight Friday night/Saturday morning, they are looking forward to me reading them the seventh book out loud again.
They are now almost 13,15,17,and 19 years old.
As a Mom, that makes my heart happy.

They have also reread the books themselves. Right now, the two youngest are rereading the sixth book to refresh their memories as they anticipate book seven.

I love that Harry Potter has encouraged their love of reading and their imaginations.
They love the characters, Harry,Ron, Hermione, Neville, Dumbledore and company; even Snape.

I have a feeling, there are thousands of other families with their own "Harry Potter" stories.

I have to admit I have really enjoyed the adventures myself, and I feel a bit sad that the series is coming to an end, as it seems their childhoods are as well.

But, we always remember reading Harry Potter together, and I think that like Harry himself, the books will always keep us young.