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by Tracy Barry

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Posted on October 18, 2007 at 3:35 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

Just finished getting briefed by our 5 o'clock producer Gina Zandy about the stories we are working on. It's another wild afternoon and I'm NOT talking about the weather.

For starters the Governor finally answered our question about the ethics complaint filed against him by radio talk show host Lars Larson. This all has to do with what he knew or didn't know about the Goldschmidt sex abuse case.

It wasn't much of an answer really but certainly better than having him storm off the stage again. Oh hang on; Pat Dooris just called in saying a second complaint has now been filed against the Governor with the Oregon Bar. He's all over this story and will fill us all in at 5pm.

Another story has been all over the place this afternoon. Here's the kind of thing our reporters have to sort out. A couple of hours ago police were doing a sweep of the area near the Doubletree Hotel at Lloyd Center as part of the Top Off terrorism drill underway. But guess what? The dogs sniffing for explosives actually picked something up. At first everyone thought it was still part of the drill, but it wasn't! More police were called in, the Max trains were shut down and the dogs went to work.
Right now it looks like it might be a gun left in one of the officials car. But stayed tuned the day is young.

As for the weather, well, I'll leave that to Dave to explain.
See you at five and as always,
Thanks for Watching.

Tracy Barry