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Fire Central

by Joe Donlon

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Posted on October 24, 2007 at 4:20 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

Everyone is talking about the California wildfires.. and for good reason. More than a million people have now been evacuated. We have sent Scott Burton to San Diego to augment our coverage. He hit the ground this afternoon, and will join us live - in our 5 o'clock broadcast.

We will also update the story of Snowball the deer. Remember her? The state removed the animal from a Molalla family's property, and sent her to an Elk farm about 10 minutes away. The family rescued the deer shortly after birth, because it was alone - and had deformed legs. State law doesn't allow people to keep deer as pets. But the family is challenging the state's ruling - in court. That happened today, and we'll have the latest.

Another story we will update -- is the fatal shooting of a K-9 officer in Vancouver. The man accused of killing the dog after a police chase, was in court today.

As for the night team, we're going to pursue some of the many 'local' connections to the California wildfires. It has touched a lot of people in our area.

And on a programming note, you'll find the Portland Trail Blazers on Newschannel 8 tonight. As a result, we will not have a 6:30 newscast. The Blazers host the Seattle Sonics - in their final HOME preseason game. You know Greg Oden isn't playing.. but I hate to tell you -- Kevin Durant isn't either. He twisted an ankle last night.

Joe Donlon