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Dead End

by Joe Donlon

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Posted on November 21, 2007 at 2:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

So much for that.

After all the debate over renaming a city street in honor of Cesar Chavez -- it appears the fight is over. At least for now. The Latino community got together with the Chinese community, and at a news conference today -- said they do NOT want the city to rename 4th Ave. So, the whole idea is now OFF the table.

Our city beat reporter, Randy Neves, says council members admit -- the last minute detour to 4th Ave. was a well intentioned compromise. It got the debate away from Interstate Avenue. But in the end, that compromise - really wasn't working for anyone.

I guess you could argue -- that's the definition of a good compromise. No one is happy. But in this case, given the response - and the outrage - at every turn, there really weren't any other options.

So, what happens now? Is it - indeed - over? It is for now. But maybe not for good.. The process may start fresh -- and from scratch -- next year some time. Considering what happened this time, I wouldn't hold your breath. Randy will update us on the latest developments tonight.

We'll also have the latest on that deadly head-on crash on Hwy 99W last weekend. We're learning more about the driver. She was 26 years old, on her way back home from a friend's house. It appears she drove for some 3 miles -- going the wrong way. Her mother talked with Newschannel 8's Nancy Francis. You'll hear what she said about the way the road is designed, and how this certainly wasn't a first - for that stretch of 99W.

We'll preview the upcoming holiday weekend, too -- from travel conditions, to the weather. Speaking of which, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Joe Donlon