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Slipping into Winter....

by Brenda Braxton

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Posted on November 27, 2007 at 7:35 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

Ready or not.. here it comes! And this morning on the highways west and
east of Portland, I'd say many drivers weren't ready for the patchy ice they encountered.
During Newschannel 8 at Sunrise our crews were tracking multiple, mutli-car accidents where drivers spun-out and slid off the roads. Two of the biggies-- a four car mess out in Washington County that sent one car into the ditch on its top... and the other closed I-84 near The Dalles when four semis slipped into trouble.

Behind the scenes on a busy weather morning in TV news, it gets hectic. Today we had two producers in the booth-- one to communicate with everyone
"in house" (basically in the studio, newsroom and traffic center) and the other to
keep track of our live crews in the field. The producers definitely are in the hot seat
because you can guarantee-- at some point-- we're all talking to them at once!!
Our director, Scott, is busy setting up effects-- like the 6-box that started our storm team coverage this morning! We had three reporters, two meterologists and
Michael Convery in the traffic command center on the screen at the same time.
We joke we should do a "Brady Bunch" take-off someday and have everyone looking left, right, up and down : )

The reporters were hoppin' during the show! This morning, Jennifer Iveson started with one story and ended up on another She and her photog, Chris Hamilton, broke
down during the newscast.. went to a new location and set up a live shot at the 4-car accident in Wash Co. I mentioned above. Great job bringing everyone great pictures! (and the good news here is that none of the drivers got hurt.)

It was icy and dicey this morning for some folks.. and you know that's just the beginning. 'Tis the season for temps in the 30s and the threat of precipitation.
We'll be there tracking the changes as the happen. Join us weekdays from 4:30 to 7am on Newschannel 8 at Sunrise!

See you soon.