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Blue Skies

by Tracy Barry

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Posted on December 4, 2007 at 2:59 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

It is nice to see some blue mixed in with the clouds today. You can imagine what a relief it must be to the folks in the flooded out areas around Oregon and Washington. Power is still out on much of the North Coast, I-5 is still closed near Chehalis and getting in and out of Vernonia is challenging to say the least.

Tonight at five we will show you what it looks like the day after in those areas. You might be curious how we manage to get into areas that are closed to traffic and how the crews report in areas without power and gas. First off, the helicopter doesn't hurt. With a break in the weather we were able to get up in the air today and there is nothing like that view to offer some perspective on how widespread or localized the problems are. On the ground we were able to hook up with a National Guard group going into Vernonia and follow them in. Last night we simply asked if we could drive in as far as we could past the barriers and were given the go-ahead to try. So our live shot was at least beside the Nahalem instead of the road barricade.

The coast has offered some different challenges. Mainly gas. Only one station opened up after getting it's hands on a generator and the lines are LONG! The satellite truck operators are running out of legal hours to work so we are trying to switch out crews by meeting half way. The reporters have been working long hours armed with hip waders. Our problems are of course minor compared to the people losing homes, property and sleep over this. But I thought you might like a little peek at the behind the scenes scrambling. Our producers were just trying to figure out who would really make it to where by 5. To tell you the truth we're not sure yet. So be sure to tune in...We will find out together! Nothing like live T-V.

A little more inside baseball for you here. KGW is going High Definition in January. We've invested ALOT in state of the art equipment to bring you the best pictures possible. If you have an HD-TV you know that the programs actually shot with HD cameras seem to jump off the screen. Not quite 3-D...but very real! We are pretty excited to be leading the way on this in Portland. More details to come!

And as always thanks for watching.

Tracy Barry