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HD and Me

by Laural Porter

Posted on December 5, 2007 at 6:07 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

I celebrate another birthday tomorrow, December 6th.

And even though my eyesight is getting worse, my world is suddenly about to become clearer, imagine that!

Yours is, too.
Together, we are entering the world of HDTV.
KGW announced this week that we will become the first commercial Portland television station to go to true High Definition.
The launch date is just over a month away.

Some of our competitors have been broadcasting in widescreen, but that does not offer any better resolution.
H-D is five times the resolution of widescreen TV.
We'll be one of just 60 television stations across the country offering an HD newscast.
Not only will you be able to see our news presentation with greater clarity, you'll be able to see my pores.
Not that you'd want to, I know, but KGW NewsChannel 8 viewers will, like it or not, see much more of me.

I started in television long after the first big switch from black and white to color. I also started after the change from film to video.
But I've been around for many other transitions. I worked in a newsroom without computers. We typed on large print typewriters.
I helped write cue cards to tape under the cameras, which a camera operator then flipped along as we read.
No teleprompters back in the day. And when we did get teleprompters I loaded the scripts myself and ran the prompter with a foot pedal.

Next came the change to computers, then robotic cameras ( no more camera operators in the studio or floor directors).
We've changed from video to digital, and embraced the web, producing webcasts and blogs here.

But this may be the biggest change yet. New makeup. Wow, I have a hard enough time with conventional makeup.
So be patient with us as we try and not scare you too much when we come into your living rooms - not only in living color, but in
stunning HD detail.

Despite all this, I am celebrating another birthday, a New Year and the opportunity to join this new chapter in the history of KGW NewsChannel 8 and Portland TV. Hey, it's not all bad, I get to learn how to airbrush my own makeup.

I feel lucky to have survived in this wonderfully exciting and ever-changing TV business this long.
If along with this new clarity, I could figure out how to see the newspaper without reading glasses...Now that would be a breakthrough.