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Cancer Comes Home

by Laural Porter

Posted on February 4, 2008 at 4:12 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

I received a surprise package in the mail at work today.
It felt a little bit like Christmas. I wondered, who could this be from?

I was delighted to find inside a nice note from a woman I had just interviewed and
a pretty pink necklace her sister had made.
The necklace is called a "Love for Lisa" pendant, made by Krissy for her sister, Lisa Carmody of Tigard.

The necklace is inspired by the pink ribbon symbol of breast cancer awareness,but it has
its own unique interpretation with silver leaves and pink flower petals to signify life, with the petals forming hearts representing love.

It's a perfect symbol for a courageous woman, wife and mother, who is facing breast cancer with more strength and grace than I could ever imagine having myself.

41 year old Lisa Carmody learned she had breast cancer at Thanksgiving time.
She had her first chemotherapy treatment on December 6th.
That coincidentally is my birthday.
When I heard this, I thought while I was worrying about turning another year older, Lisa was dealing with losing her hair and how to tell her three precious daughters, that their Mommy has breast cancer.

Lisa got some help in this difficult situation from her oncologist, well-known breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Nathalie Johnson.
Dr. Johnson is the Medical Director for the Legacy Cancer Program, and somehow found the time to write a book, "Mommy Found A Lump".
It's designed to help young moms diagnosed with breast cancer explain what is happening to their Mom and their family.

I spent an afternoon with Lisa as she read "Mommy Found A Lump" to her daughters, Nicole, age 7;Kayla, age 5; and Christine age 3.
The story is told through the eyes of 7 year old Julianna, and helped Lisa's girls ask their Mom

"Mommy how long will you be in the hospital?"
"Is that where you get your medicine, Mommy?"

Lisa and her husband,Pat, inspired me with their courage and optimism in the face of what could be a family crisis.
Through their love, their family's support, and their doctor's skills and compassion; the Carmody family is turning the experience into one that is making their family even stronger.

Please join me for a Newschannel 8 special report, "Cancer Comes Home" at 5pm on Tuesday,February 5th, and meet the Carmody family.

I think the two minutes you spend watching their story will leave you uplifted.
It certainly affected me in a profound way and I will proudly wear my
"Love for Lisa" pendant.

Somehow it seems by showing our support for Lisa, she is giving us strength.