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Feedback on Bear Story

by Tracy Barry

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Posted on February 27, 2008 at 3:20 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:33 PM

I wanted to share some of the responses I've gotten to the story on the plight of Moon bears in China. Some from knitters anxious to help, one from a Portlander in Beijing who would like to see some cooperation between the Oregon Zoo and the Beijing Zoo.
Interesting idea.

If you missed the story you can watch it on the web under special reports right here at

Hey Tracy,
I was so touched by the story and was looking for some other ways to share my love of helping everyone and thing... I make hat's ,scarf's, booties, etc for the Battle Ground Food Bank.
I have been to touch with Twisted yarn ... I just love it and it's an great idea who would think mittens for bears...What a great way to help... Thanks for doing the story.


Hi Tracy

I want to thank you for such a moving story concerning the Sun Bears. It just goes to show you how we take things for granted. I am a knitter and when I heard that story, I immediately said to myself, I need to knit these bears some booties!
I forwarded this article from your news to my daughter in law who lives in MN in hopes that perhaps she can open up some eyes there with her knitting club.
What a wonderful thing for us to do for these unfortunate creatures that have to suffer as much as they do in life.
I can hardly wait to start knitting the booties.

Once again, thank you so much for such a moving story. It brought me to tears but it also opened my eyes in hopes that people like myself can make a difference in this world.


Hi Tracy,

Thank you for drawing attention to the plight of moon bears in China. I am from Portland and am in Beijing through the summer Olympics. Animals Asia Foundation is doing great work. Another sad issue is the condition of the animals in the zoos over here. If zoos can be considered prisons then the animals in the Beijing zoo all live on death row. I wonder if this is something that the Oregon Zoo might be able to help with in some way as well? Again, thank you for your attention to the moon bear issue.

And as always, thank you for watching and in this case knitting!

Tracy Barry