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Amy's Election Baby - growing!

by Amy Troy

Posted on September 7, 2008 at 10:45 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:32 PM

Amy's birthday surprise 012.jpgBy: Amy Troy

I'm looking at my five pound cat with new eyes. I've heard by the end of the eighth month, your unborn child is roughly the size of a small cat. Sure, my cat is cute and all, but the thought of her fitting in my growing 'baby bump' is a bit daunting.

As my husband snapped this picture today I was filled with questions. My biggest, nagging question is this -- how will I continue my demanding job with its long, odd hours and be a Mom? How do working mothers do it?

Because I'm both a television news anchor and a reporter, I'm out in the field a lot. I've worn both hats, and loved it, since I was a 21 year old University of Oregon Journalism school graduate. Some days are long. It's not uncommon during a winter's day to roll into KGW a little early and hear "Yeah, Amy, we need you at Mt. Hood, 'live' in the snow storm for the top of the Noon and at 12:30, for the 5pm news, 6pm and for the 6:30pm as well." You're hustling, gathering the story, you're lucky if you eat something or find a bathroom - and you're lucky to get home after 12 hours. It's all part of the job. Part of the expectations of the job. And of course it's easier to do when you don't have little ones at home waiting for you.

Then I consider this. Even my longest days on the job have an end. I'm not a mother of five and running a state and running for one of the top offices in the United States. As a soon-to-be Mom I've been watching Senator John McCain's VP pick, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Sure, I'm following the race and the issues. But for the purpose of this blog I'll stick to the 'Mom' angle. I have no idea how she balances Motherhood with all the other titles she wears, but I am inspired by it. If she and her husband can rear five children while she holds office and now travels the Presidential campaign trail, my husband and I should certainly be able to lovingly and responsibly rear our daughter on a Journalist's hours.

So back to that cat - I can't believe my unborn daughter is nearly that big. It's the last comparison they give you before your due date. As they say --- by the ninth month the unborn child is roughly the size of ... a baby.