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Tonight's Menu

by Joe Donlon

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Posted on September 18, 2008 at 4:44 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:32 PM

It's just what firefighters feared. The Gnarl fire on Mt. Hood exploded overnight - growing from 500 acres, to more than 2000. This fire was considered 'out' - not too long ago. But it has risen from the ashes - with a fury. The news is better, however, concerning the fire burning in Central Oregon. The Crescent Lake fire has calmed down, and evacuation orders have now been lifted. We'll update both siturations at 5.

It sure seems colder today. Oddly enough - this is how it's 'supposed' to feel this time of year. Our high today, was the typical average. It's just that it's been so hot lately. Dave Salesky will discuss that, and the weekend forecast.

There are a number of interesting items - new at 6. A former Blazer goes to Salem, to make a push for PE funds in schools. Also, the student inventors down at OSU are at it again. See what they've come up with - in the form of a 'smaller' nuclear power plant. Our fears of nuclear power, they say, are over exaggerated. You'll see what they've come up with.

Also, if you haven't watched our new 7pm newscast - you should give it a spin. It focuses entirely on politics - both local and national. It's the kind of newscast people always tell me they wish they could watch. Well, here it is. Tonight, Tracy interviews John Harwood from CNBC and The New York Times. John will talk about a new poll that has some interesting findings. What does the recent economic news mean for the two candidates running for President? Which candidate do voters think is better suited to fix it? And after storming onto the scene after the GOP convention, is the honeymoon over for Sarah Palin?

Just some of what's ahead tonight. We hope you can join us.