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Whoa, Hold On Baby!

by Amy Troy

Posted on November 2, 2008 at 4:33 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:32 PM

40 weeks 002.jpgBy Amy Troy

When you get to a certain age, there are not a lot of 'firsts' left to experience.

You've been there, done that.

Well, last night, precisely three minutes before I was about to anchor the late news, baby Reese gave me quite a start. Not just any kick, but something you'd expect from the likes of Soccer's Mia Hamm or the NFL's Sebastian Janikowski. Our baby, due on Election day, let me know she's ready to go. Now.

I thought for the first time I might deliver a baby while delivering the news. I was a little panicked. I started wondering why I'd decided to work right up until the delivery day. Hoped we weren't about to see a You Tube moment. I powered through the newscast, thinking 'hold on Baby!' She did hold on - luckily.

So this morning, before work, my husband Damien snapped a photo in Reese's nursery - just in case.

Today's my last at KGW-TV until early January -- taking some time off after her birth.

Here's hoping we make it through tonight's newscasts.