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Gather Your Galoshes

by Tracy Barry

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Posted on November 11, 2008 at 3:08 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:32 PM

Galoshes is a terrific word isn't it? Paints a perfect picture of the day. While we are preparing to puddle jump the folks of Vernonia are preparing for worse. Just in case. After last Decembers massive floods who can blame them.

Kyle is out there today and he'll be live there in the early evening newscasts.

This is the time of the year that we all come prepared with rain gear. Waterproof boots, pants, coats and hats all stashed under our desks or in the back of our cars. One of our great new reporters who moved here from a very dry climate was ready for everything except what the humidity does to her "do". I explained the two choices around here. Embrace your natural waves and friz or invest in a really good flat iron. We'll see what wins out.

It's easy to dismiss that as a trivial concern, but that's because you probably don't get emails about your hair on a regular basis. At least I hope not. I actually keep some of my favorite ones, like the lady who wrote with genuine concern, "Sweetheart, if someone is telling you that you look good with that hairdo, they are simply lying to you." Or another person who cut out a picture of me, erased my hair and drew in a new hairdo. It was very short and curly, and looked a bit like one of those wigs you can order in the Sunday coupon section. Now there's an idea!

After all that hair silliness I do want to end on a more serious and sincere note. A thank you to all of our Veterans. I was looking at my Dad's dog tags this morning from WWII, next to a picture of him as a handsome swaggering young soldier. Dad's gone now but I can still hear him tell funny stories of the jungles of New Guinea and the wine cellars of France. The funny ones were the only stories Dad would share. My husband was a medic in the Army before I knew him and consequently the girls and I expect him to know all kinds of medical things. He has to remind us that wasn't exactly his training. But believe me; he is definitely handy in an emergency. My brother was in the Navy when I was still in High School. When silk and beautiful dolls would arrive home from different Asian ports I thought he must be living such a glamorous life. Trust me that's not how he remembers it.

Tonight we look at the struggles many Iraq veterans are facing when they get home.
So take time to thank a veteran today or tomorrow or the next day. And as always, thank you for watching.

Tracy Barry