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All I want for Christmas....

by Tracy Barry

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Posted on December 24, 2008 at 2:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:32 PM

First off, it's amazing how much money you save when you can't get to the stores.Bad for business but good for the budget. We planned to cut back this holiday and Mother Nature certainly did her part to hold me to the plan.

And now it's almost Christmas Eve....although to be honest I am no longer dreaming of a White Christmas. Our neighbor keeps track and says that since the first storm on the 13th or 14th (it's all starting to run together) our neighborhood has gotten 32 and a half inches of snow. But I saw the 2 foot icicles starting to melt a bit this morning so it appears the thaw has begun. The kids have made the most of it and it's a joy to watch them build and slide and eat the icy delight.

I would like to enjoy it more, but I spend a fair amount of time worrying how I will get to work or get home from work. I'm sure our boss wishes we all lived next door to the station but we don't and it can be a challenge to get here. Especially when you note (as mentioned in a previous blog) I am a danger to others on icy roads. Still most of us have made it due to the kindness of friends, family even strangers. And how can I possibly make a peep when I am sitting in a warm studio? I can't. Our reporters and photographers deserve the sympathy and the credit. As well as all the others who worked so hard to clear roads and keep power on 24-7.

So this Christmas I hope that you too are warm and safe and with people you love and love you. I hear a song on the radio sometimes called "My grownup Christmas wish". I don't even know who sings it but it's very sweet. The wishes are for peace, an end to hunger and all the big wishes most of grownups have.

I think it's a good question to ask yourself. What would you REALLY like for Christmas? You know the things that don't come from a store. The answers can be revealing.

For me it would be one more day with my Mom and Dad, just so I could be certain they really knew how much I loved them. And to tell Mom I'm so sorry I wasn't with her when she died.

I'd like a promise that my kids will grow up happy and healthy. That they will find a way to understand the circumstances that brought us together as a family and believe it was God's plan for them.

To hold my husband's hand more.

To worry less about the future. To live more in the moment and appreciate all I've been given in this life. And time. More time for family, friends, work and helping others. Some of those things I can do, others are just wishes.

I'm sure you have plenty of your own. So Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and I hope all your wishes come true.

And as always thanks for watching.

Tracy Barry