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Losing sleep over dead children

by Amy Troy

Posted on June 7, 2009 at 8:53 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:32 PM

By Amy Troy

The last time I posted a blog about losing sleep it had to do with my baby. Typical new mom stuff - newborn's not sleeping, so you're not sleeping.

This time - it has everything to do with someone else's baby. Someone else's children.

During the past three consecutive Saturdays we've covered three truly horrific stories -- each involving local parents and children.

Each story, on its own, is enough to make you lose sleep.

Three weeks ago, a mother was arrested for murder and attempted murder. She's accused of forcing her two young children off the Sellwood Bridge after one o'clock in the morning. The kids fell some 80 feet. One of them, a girl, survived, and was rescued after screaming for help, in the black of night, from the frigid waters of the Willamette.

If that wasn't disturbing enough, the following Saturday we learned painful details about a dad, accused of shooting to death his two young children, then himself. He'd taken the kids to a beautiful park on a sunny afternoon -- witnesses heard three quick gunshots.

And then, this past Saturday, we learned why Washington County investigators took so much time on what they called a "complicated" death investigation. They later arrested a mom -- she's accused of murdering a pregnant woman, hiding her body in the crawl space of a house, taking the baby and pretending the child was her own. The baby died.

What's going on here? Sure, we report tough stories every day. But not stories like this -- in our community -- three weekends in a row. I'm losing sleep over it and I know I'm not alone.