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Why I Race For The Cure

by Laural Porter

Posted on August 18, 2009 at 1:13 AM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 4 at 2:32 PM

We packed up the whole dog gone family, actually the "dog wasn't gone"...
we took him,too, on our family road trip the first week of August.
We headed back to Eastern Idaho where my kids were born and visited my in laws.
It was a summer week of togetherness that reminded me of how precious our families are.
Fishing, barbecues, four-wheeling,story telling with grandparents.
The kind of things children remember when they're grown.
My mother-in-law,Marilyn, treated us to fabulous dinners. My kids couldn't get over all the desserts.
We rarely have dessert, but on this trip, sometimes Grandma made two.
Strawberry shortcake AND huckleberry crisp.
My children, all teenagers and older now,couldn't have been happier.
It's these times when I'm especially aware of the reason I am dedicated to Komen For the Cure, and why I run in the Race For The Cure.
It's because of the ones we love.
For my Mother-in-law, my children's grandmother, Marilyn, who is coming up on ten years as a breast cancer survivor.
It's in the memory of my Step-Mother,Suzan Porter, also a survivor, who died of another illness two years ago.
And it's for my four children. And for your children and grandchildren.
It's for all the survivors and their families and friends I meet every year at the Race For the Cure luncheons, and at the race itself.
I race so that one day our children,your children, our grandchildren will one day live in a world free of breast cancer.

Thank you for joining us at this year's Komen Portland Race For The Cure on Sunday, September 20th.
Together,we can, we will find a cure for breast cancer.