PORTLAND, Ore. -- The howling east winds toppled trees across Portland.

Tree services responded to dozens of emergency calls across the area Thursday, not just branches but entire trees into homes.

On Tuesday night, an 80-foot tall pine tree fell on Bob and Kathy Lindemann's Northwest Portland home.

"I heard this terrible thud and either glass rattling or shattering," Kathy said.

The powerful wind ripped the entire tree, roots and all, right out of the ground.

Bob was watching TV and narrowly escaped a massive branched that pierced right through the ceiling.

"A gust of wind and the noise and the crack and then suddenly before me was a branch sticking down through the bathroom ceiling," he recalled.

Luckily, no one was hurt, but the Lindemanns know the danger is not over.

Another tree behind their home is about to fall. The tree is now leaning on another tree for support.

The soil around its base is visibly heaving. A crack has formed where the roots are lifting up. And the tree has separated from the soil around it.

"It's actively coming apart and we're watching this happen right now," explained Benjamin Falk, a certified arborist with Northwest Tree Specialists.

The Lindemanns say they will be watching the tree closely and will either sleep in a bedroom on the other side of the home from the precarious tree, or they will stay at a relative's house until the tree can be removed.

"It's very frightening," said Kathy. "Every time the winds blows, we wonder and worry."