PORTLAND, Ore. -- The freezing rain may have ended, but the freeze continues in East Multnomah county.

On Monday, about an inch of ice still covered some sidewalks, parking lots and trees.

As temperatures rose, the ice did start to thaw making for a dangerous situation in some areas.

Huge ice chunks fell from signs, trees, and roof tops.

Michelle McCoy watched as ice from trees and her rooftop came crashing down around her Troutdale home.

"When it came down off the house, I told my daughter she couldn't play outside around the house anymore because it really came down," she said.

The ice not only weighed down branches, it did a number on power lines in the area leaving thousands, at one point or another, in the dark.

"The tree limbs can get so weighted down with ice, then the wind blows it down and it strikes the lines," explained PGE spokesperson Stan Sittser. "That's our biggest trouble,"

PGE says with more branches potentially breaking off as things melt, more power lines could come down.