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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Showers will continue Monday, with a chance of thunderstorms, according to KGW meteorologist Chris McGinness.

There's a chance of steady, light rain Monday night, continuing into Tuesday. Expect about a half-inch of rain Monday, another inch overnight, he said.

There was rain and wind again on Sunday but it wasn't as significant as the storm fronts that passed through Oregon since Thursday.

The week ahead looks rainy, with cool temperatures topping out in the 50s and 60s.

The calmer weather follows a Saturday that saw winds in the Portland metro area peak at 53 mph and winds on the coast peak between 60 and 70 mph.

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Although the winds were powerful Saturday, they weren't as significant as expected, especially on the coast.

The National Weather Service explained in a Facebook post why winds on the Oregon Coast may not have been as strong as anticipated.

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NWS said the strength of a low pressure system is proportional to the strength of the winds, and the low pressure was 8-10 millibars less intense than forecasted, which they said makes a significant difference.

They also attributed the slightly weaker winds to the fact that there ended up being two pressure centers instead of one, which they said causes the central pressure and winds to be less powerful.

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Saturday's gusts did leave behind damage on the coast and in the valley. Downed trees and power lines were reported across the state. Also, more than 120,000 Pacific Power and PGE customers in the North Coast and metro area were without power.

But the damage on Saturday did not match up to that of Friday, when two tornadoes touched down on the Oregon Coast, most prominently in Manzanita. Buildings were damaged, and power lines and trees were down. Another tornado hit Oceanside about 40 minutes later.

A downpour hit the Portland metro area for about an hour Friday night causing flooding, stuck cars and disruptions to public transportation.

Friday's downpour came a day after record rainfall hit Portland, as more than 1.7 inches of rain fell on Thursday. If Portland picks up 2 to 3 inches of rain through the middle of next week, the October total at Portland International Airport will approach 5 inches, with plenty of days left in the month. Normal rainfall for October is 3 inches. The all-time record is 8.41 inches, set back in 1994.

Strong winds also swept the coast Thursday evening, with gusts as high as 103 mph at Cape Meares, up to 69 mph at Pacific City and 66 mph in Astoria. There were reports of downed trees and a power outage in Seaside.

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