PORTLAND, Ore. -- After a chilly 30-something start, much of the Willamette Valley and southwest Washington warmed to 70 degrees Friday afternoon, said KGW chief meteorologist Matt Zaffino.

Sunny skies and developing east winds brought the warmth.

"Compared to April 2016, we have been forced to hold our patience this spring for the arrival of warm weather," said KGW meteorologist Rod Hill. "One year ago, Portland began April with 76 degrees to start the month and saw temperatures rise to 89 degrees on the 19th."

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Hill said this year has seen two 63-degree days but nothing warmer before Friday.

The last time Portland International Airport hit 70 was Oct. 8. The record high for the day is 82 degrees and the average is 62 degrees.

"Enjoy today's sunshine, because showers return Saturday morning," Hill said.