CASCADE LOCKS, Ore. -- Ice on the roads and a wintry mix in the air. That’s where we found Lori Lane broken down in Cascade Locks.

“Not really enjoying it right now.”

Luckily for Lane, her son lives nearby and brought some jumper cables. But the delay was yet another example of weather in the Columbia River Gorge making things difficult.

“Just trying to make it to a doctor's appointment. Don't know if I'll make it,” said Lane.

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It's been an altogether strange winter. Cascade Locks gets snow, but not like this.

“First we had the snow. And it piled up, and usually it only lasts for a few days,” said City Council Member Carl Zerfing. "Then we got ice on top of that. Then we got snow on top of that.”

The frozen layers made driving so dangerous that the Oregon Department of Transportation had to close Interstate 84 twice. And one of those closures lasted for two and a half days.

“We've actually had to close a few times when the highway shut down,” said Jamie Bridenbaker who works at the Cascade Locks Ale House. “There's just not enough local traffic for people to get out.”

She said she and her neighbors are ready for winter to be over.

“I’ve seen everyone complaining on Facebook they are done with winter. I think this is like the sixth or seventh storm for us.”

Lane said she can't wait for things to moving at a normal pace again.

“I've got things to do. And now you can’t do them," she said. "So that’s the way it is.”

There is some good news on the horizon: After a tricky Thursday, Hood River should see rain, followed by some sunshine for the weekend.

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