PORTLAND, Ore. -- All the winter weather in the Portland area meant no school for 6-year-old Isabella Foster.

“I love to just have snow days off of school,” she said.

Time off school meant some magical snow angels in the snow for her, and a magical sight of Multnomah Falls just off Interstate 84.

“I've seen a lot of pictures of what all the falls look like lately and wanted to check it out for ourselves,” said Isabella’s dad, Nick Foster.

The Fosters weren't the only ones who headed over to snap pictures of the frozen Multnomah Falls. A lot of people took the trip, braving the icy, snow-covered roads on the way up.

“You don't see this in Chicago and New York,” said Catherine Hartoch as she looked up at the falls.

About 20 or so years ago, the Hartochs moved from the east coast and they're glad they did.

“This is why we moved to Oregon from New York and Chicago,” said Rick Hartoch.

While it was beautiful, it was also cold at Multnomah Falls. Apparently it wasn't that cold for some.

“I actually had to unzip because I was getting too hot,” said Sam Hartoch.

Then there was Thad Martin, who showed up at Multnomah Falls in shorts.

“I'm always in shorts, like pretty much every day of the year,” he said.

Martin said he's hoping for more winter weather.

“Yeah, I can't get enough of the winter. So I'm all good,” he said.

Meanwhile, Isabella’s dad had his own priorities.

“I'm really enjoying it. I'm a native Oregonian, west side of the Cascades,” said Foster.

“Getting this type of weather is special. Trying to instill that in her [my daughter] too, to enjoy it. Get out and enjoy it while we can,” Foster said.

A heads up for folks thinking about going to Multnomah Falls, the trail is closed due to the ice and snow.

Starting near Troutdale, chains or tractions tires were required on I-84 up to the falls. The Historic Columbia River Highway, also known as Highway 30, was shut down between Bridal Veil and Multnomah Falls due to snow slides.