PORTLAND, Ore. -- The metro area will catch a slight break from the steady rain Friday and Saturday, but this month so far is already one of Portland's wettest Februarys ever.

Thursday saw record rainfall at Portland International Airport for the date, with 1.70 inches, said KGW meteorologist Rod Hill. That helped turn this month into the 5th-wettest February since records began.

"The crazy February rainfall now totals more than 8 inches at PDX," Hill said. "Portland needs less than 2 inches of rainfall by the end of the month to break the all-time February record set back in 1996."

The Willamette River flooded in 1996, but Hill said conditions this year are quite different and a repeat is extremely unlikely.

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Since the start of the water year on Oct. 1, the city has seen more than 32 inches of total moisture, which is roughly an extra three months' wort of precipitation since last fall.

"The surplus total is just shy of 11 inches," Hill explained. "The water year concludes Sept. 30 and averages a 12-month amount of 36.03 inches."

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As for the immediate outlook, Friday should be mostly dry and Saturday will see some showers. And then the steady rain returns Sunday, and could total up to a half-inch.

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Rainfall graphic 2-17-16