PORTLAND, Ore. -- It was not just cold in Portland Friday morning; the 12 degrees was colder than any other morning so far this winter. Or last winter. Or the winter before that.

At 7 a.m. the temperature at Portland International Airport dropped to 12 degrees, which is the lowest that thermometer has been since December 8, 2013.

As far as January 13ths go, this one broke the record. January 13, 1950 set the old record with a low of 14 degrees.

But it was even colder in some other spots around the metro area Friday: Vancouver got down to 10 degrees, while Hillsboro dropped all the way down to 5.

"Extreme cold temperatures are common on clear-sky winter nights with snow on the ground," said KGW meteorologist Rod Hill. "Those conditions mean very dry air and light winds."

Portland has seen much colder days than this, though. January 1950 saw a record low of -2 degrees and the following month hit -3. The coldest December day ever was in 1964 when the temperature dropped to 6 degrees.