PORTLAND, Ore. -- More than 51 million Americans will be on the move for Thanksgiving, according to AAA.

Lots of people will be in their cars and trucks Wednesday in Oregon. AAA Oregon estimates 556,000 Oregonians will drive somewhere for Thanksgiving.

The most common destination is Central Oregon. While the weather looks good for a trip over the passes, experts say take a tip from the boy scouts and be prepared.

“Make sure you pack your chains, your emergency kit. Make sure your car is filled up,” said AAA spokeswoman Marie Dodds. “Don't want to have that gas tank on empty likewise if you have an electric vehicle make sure its fully charged.”

The worst time to be on the road Wednesday will be from 3 to 7 p.m. Sunday afternoon coming home should be pretty busy too.

Out at Portland International Airport, things were busy Tuesday and sure to get much busier Wednesday. PDX expects 63,000 people to pass through the terminal. It will be a new record for the day before Thanksgiving, but not a pure record. Several days during the summer have higher volume.

Still, you should plan ahead.

“Give yourself plenty of time. You really, really want to allow time. You don’t want to miss your flight,” said airport spokeswoman Kama Simonds.

She also reminds travelers to arrive two hours before domestic flights leave and three hours before international flights.

And don't sweat the parking. Airport leaders say there will be plenty.