Bill Gates, with wealth estimated at $86 billion, is the richest person on the planet for the fourth straight year, in what was a record year for billionaires and their fortunes, according to the annual list from Forbes magazine.

Philanthropist and Nike founder Phil Knight came in 28th at $21.2 billion and Paul Allen, Blazers and Seahawks owner who co-founded Microsoft with Gates, was 42nd at $19.3 billion.

Gates tops 2,043 other billionaires — a number that jumped 13 percent from 1,810 last year. The Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist has been the richest person in the world 18 out of the past 23 years, Forbes reported.

While Gates’ pal Warren Buffett took over the No. 2 spot at $75.6 billion, it was Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who had the best year of anyone. Bezos added $27.6 billion to his fortune to reach $72.8 billion and move into the top three for the first time.

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