PULLMAN, Wash. -- Washington State football coach Mike Leach says his very public support of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has not changed in light of a tape of Trump making lewd comments about women.

Leach said, “Uh no,” when asked if the tape changed his opinion.

Leach acknowledged that there was no excuse for the comments. “There’s no justification for it – and there’s no perfect people out there,” he said.

He has long had a rule that violence against women is cause for immediate dismissal from the team.

When programs often use negative recruiting against each other, Leach said he did not think his support for Trump had impacted recruiting.

“Not at all,” Leach said, according to Scout. “They walk right by a picture of him that’s hanging in my office. So everybody that we have recruited here has seen the picture. Not all I’m sure are voting for him, but along with a number of other pictures hanging on the wall in my office so like I say – who knows who anybody’s voting for.

“I’m sure they’re not all voting for Mr. Trump but they all walk past the picture and I also think that they appreciate the fact that I know somebody that’s trying to make a difference regardless if their voting for somebody else.”