OREGON CITY, Ore. -- Ron Plath has been playing golf for most of his life.

It’s different now because Cone-Rod Dystrophy is robbed him of his eyesight.

“It’s a bit like walking around in a box that’s about three feet” said Plath.

From three feet away, he can see shapes but not detail.

Plath plays two to three times a week at the Stone Creek golf course in Oregon City. Two friends usually go with him and help him line up for shots.

In November, he made his seventh hole-in-one. “Unbelievable luck” he said.

Plath has had amazing success on the course. Besides the aces, he’s won a World Championship and several national championships in blind golf events. He was inducted in the United States Blind Golf Association half of fame in 2012.

Plath says he’ll golf forever. "You might have to adapt, but you don’t have to give it up.”

He also spends time helping other vision-impaired golfers learn the game he loves.

If you’d like to learn more about blind golf check out the United States Blind Golf Association.