Former Seahawks receiver Golden Tate returns to Seattle Saturday when the Detroit Lions come to town for their NFC Wild Card matchup. Tate was part of the team that won Super Bowl XLVIII. Here's what his former teammates had to say about him this week.

“When Golden left I told him we would be missing the ability to make guys miss after the catch. That was one of the things I really focused on when he left. I wanted to be able to kind of supplement that role. He was so explosive and so unique after he caught the ball. I trained myself to practice running after the catch, making guys miss; that was one of his specialties. He’s incredibly gifted at it. That was one of those things that always stood out to me was his ability to make guys miss do things after the catch.” - Doug Baldwin

“I think he’s a great player and obviously I’m not going against him in terms of a matchup, because he plays on offense, but he’s a great player who has great hands and can make all the plays. He’s also a Super Bowl champ so he knows how to win in terms of playing the game of football.” - Russell Wilson

"Golden Tate is one the best receivers in the NFL I think, especially his Y.A.C. (yards after catch) when he catches the ball and being able to do so many things. Whether it’s a reverse, whether it’s a screen, whether catches it across the middle he’s just a versatile player. He’s just one of those players you can put him anywhere and he’ll make a play. He’s just a playmaker when it comes down to it whether it’s kickoff return, punt return, he can make a play from anywhere.” - Michael Bennett

“The history is there. Our guys are familiar, just having to deal with him day in and day out, he’s still a very similar player as far as style and what he’s capable of doing. It helps us in a sense, but we still have to go out there and we have to play. We know what he’s capable of. He’s still a viable, vertical threat, competitive with the ball in the air and all that cool stuff. So we know we have to tackle.” - Kris Richard, defensive coordinator