Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife, singer Ciara, went political for Halloween. And they aren't keeping their choice for President a secret.

Russell donned a Barack Obama mask while Ciara wore a Hillary Clinton mask. Russell posted a photo and videos on social media.

One of them showed the couple dancing in their kitchen. Even on a bad ankle and knee, Russell's got the moves. And the status on the post takes a shot at Donald Trump.

"Such a Nasty Woman" (Trump Voice) @Ciara

— Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) November 1, 2016

Russell even did his best Obama impersonation.

Russell: "I'm here with my good, dear friend here. The one-and-only Hillary Clinton. And she's going to be a great president. Hillary, all I'm wondering is where is Bill? Ha ha ha. Where's Bill?"

Ciara responded: "You know that's interesting because I am wondering where is Michelle?"

Russell continued: "We'll don't worry about that. Anyways, make sure you guys vote for my dear friend Hillary Clinton here. She's going to be a great president. I was the first black president, and she's going to be the first woman president.

Ciara: "Thank you so much. Mr. President, you are just amazing. I am so grateful to have the friendship that we have, and you've done such a phenomenal job over your last two terms, and I would be just so delighted and thankful to be able to step that...:

Russell interrupts: "Listen, Hillary. I'm still the president. God Bless America." (While giving a thumbs up and Ciara giggling in the background).