CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Much of Beaver Nation woke up Saturday with a decision to make: go to Corvallis to watch Oregon State take on Utah, or stay home?

Forecasters were predicting a strong chance of high winds and heavy rains Saturday in the Willamette Valley.

For thousands of die-hard fans at Reser Stadium on Saturday, even asking the question was seen as kind of an insult.

"Beaver fan for life," said one fan when asked if he thought about not going to the game. "I'm coming!"

For the tailgaters, there was a small issue of what to do with the canopies, which are essential, especially on a rainy day.

The canopies can't be anchored in a concrete parking lot. Many fans, doing the best with what they had, could be seen before the game holding down the canopy with one hand, and holding a beverage with the other.

One fan was asked how long they planned on holding up the canopy. "Until kickoff," was the reply.

It rained hard for a few minutes around noon, and wind gusts were a problem. In the end, however, the storm was much less of a problem for Beavers fans than the Utah defense, which held the Oregon State offense in check en route to a 19-14 win.

The crowd was definitely smaller than it would have been on a nice fall day, but for the faithful clad in orange and black, it was a beautiful day. It was Game Day.