There's no denying that Rip City loves Damian Lillard. But the Trail Blazers point guard became a Twitter trend on Thursday, after deciding he didn't have enough followers.

He tweeted really early yesterday morning, telling fans to get him a million followers.

And fans responded. That tweet got almost 1,000 re-tweets! And they quickly got that hashtag trending.

Then the Blazer Gang joined in, and shared this picture, encouraging everyone to follow Dame.

But it wasn't only fans that hopped on the bandwagon. Some businesses got clever too.

The Tillamook Cheese Twitter account grilled Rip City right into this grilled cheese sandwich!

Unfortunately, Lillard still only has 502,000 followers now, so he's got a long way to go to get to 1 million. But Damian, I'm rooting for you.