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PORTLAND, Ore — The Portland Trail Blazers were back in action Tuesday night, playing their preseason opener against the Phoenix Suns. But the outcome of the game didn't matter to one West Linn woman.

After meeting two members of the organization, Diana Black believes the entire organization is full of "winners."

On Monday, Blazers forward Evan Turner and broadcaster Brooke Olzendam saw a crash on I-5 and instead of driving on past, both stopped in their own cars to help.

Black was the person involved in a head-on crash on the freeway that day. "My chest hurt from the airbag," she said. "I was mainly confused and dazed."

Diana Black, who was involved in a head-on crash on I-5 on Monday, stands next to her car Tuesday. (photo: Mike Benner, KGW)

Diana was sitting in her car after the crash when a woman walked up to check on her. It turned out to be Trail Blazers courtside reporter Brooke Olzendam.

"She was in shock, so I started calling 911," Olzendam said. "Getting her to calm down, stay in her seat, and all of a sudden I turn around, I hear, 'Are you OK?' and I look over and it's my buddy Evan Turner."

Turner had also stopped to check in on Black. He even invited her to sit in his Rolls Royce to help calm her nerves.

Blazers forward Evan Turner with crash victim Diana Black (photo: Brooke Olzendam)

"If something like that happened to my mom or brother or sister, anybody, I'd hope someone would do that," Turner said. "It's a tough situation, that's what you're supposed to do."

Said Black: "That means a lot to me. He was an amazing guy."

Blazers forward Evan Turner with crash victim Diana Black (photo: Brooke Olzendam)

Black said she doesn't follow basketball. She didn't recognize Turner. But when she realized he was an NBA player, she asked if he would call her father. Turner obliged.

"I told him I'm a very big fan," said Diana's father. "Extremely big."

Perhaps an even bigger fan now is Diana.

"I'm a huge fan now, especially of Evan Turner," she said, laughing. "He's an amazing guy, and thank you very much, Evan and Brooke."

Diana and her father got to check out the Blazers' preseason game against the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night. Even a 114-112 loss couldn't dampen their excitement.