PORTLAND, Ore. -- Record-breaking rain has put a damper on spring sports for little leaguers and at higher levels.

“It is fun for the girls learning how to slide because it is soft but when it comes to getting the field ready, laying down chalk or anything, it is a nightmare,” said softball mom Jazz Fish.

High schools have canceled and rescheduled many games. Some baseball teams are worried they may not get to play them before a May 18 deadline and would be ineligible for the playoffs.

“It's been the worst that it's been in my time as a coach,” said Wilson High School head baseball coach Jeremy Shetler.

Shetler says he's had to tell parents to be game ready at a moments notice for when the weather breaks.

"Every time I send out an email I apologize and say 'thank you for your patience,'” said Shetler.

For coaches, umpires and parents, it's been a wet and stressful season already.